How Can An Arts Attorney Help You?

My practice focuses on intellectual property (copyright and trademark), entertainment and art law, contracts and licensing, and general business law. My clients include creative individuals and businesses active in the performing arts, music and film industries, visual arts, publishing, and graphic design.

Please reach out and ask questions - initial 30-minute consults are free and I'm here to help.

Copyright comes into being at the moment of creation. It applies to "original works ... fixed in any tangible medium of expression." You cannot hold copyright in a great idea until you have found a way to express that idea. And you cannot copyright something that's transient in nature like an improvisation, unless you record it (get it...

It is critical that you have written agreements in place for all of your creative projects and collaborative relationships. These agreements do not have to be lengthy or written in "legalese," but such agreements provide both protection and perspective. By articulating what you and someone else have agreed upon you are defining every party's...

About me

My name is Jeremy Beck, a composer of new classical music and an arts attorney based in Louisville, Kentucky.

My creative work affords me particular insight into the challenges and legal issues facing those engaged in the arts.

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